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The Best of the Pantanal

hyacinth macaws

A full week in the Pantanal exploring three different lodges in different habitats to maximize our birding time with plenty of time to photography and also enjoy other fauna in a safari style using open vehicles which allow us to see the wildlife easily and be part of the environment itself. 

Our itinerary will visit all major habitats giving participants the chance to witness these amazing environments, we will cover the area dramatically. This tour is a perfect combination of bird and mammal watching providing an exciting selection of birds plus the thrill of searching for the majestic Jaguar.


Some birds we will be looking for are: hyacinth macaw, golden-collared macaw, Mato Grosso antbird, white-lored spinetail, white-fronted woodpecker, pale-crested woodpecker, white-wedged piculet, jabiru, plumbeous ibis, sunbittern, sungrebe, agami heron, zigzag heron, great rufous woodcreeper, helmeted manakin, all five resident kingfishers in South America (ringed, amazon, green, green-and-rufous and American pygmy), blue-crowned trogon, great potoo, plain inezia, gray-backed sparrow, yellow-breasted blackbird, scarlet-headed blackbird, red-billed scythebill, chotoy spinetail, fawn-breasted wren among many others.

We try to be as all-inclusive as possible on our safaris, with the core of activities such as game drives, nature walks, boating and all meals included in the price. Except to any source of drinks, available to buy at lodges we stay.

Certainly, our tour fee is not the cheapest neither the most expensive you will find around, we consider them fair for what we have to offer.



Guide and driver team

During our tours in the Pantanal, we always use a team of two people, despite the number of participants. Each one has an important role during the Safari. The driver is paying attention on the road and condition of the bridges while the guide is spotting birds and wildlife for your enjoyment. Each one working at their best and doing what they are supposed to do better.


Quality of our guides

Our tour leaders are experienced and fully trained professionals who host our guest in a variety of diverse areas. These dedicated people transform an already great safari into one that is out of this world! A guide that hosts you for the duration of your safari provides a consistent, detailed interpretation that is tailored to your specific interests. Our safaris are led by our local naturalist tour leaders, they are equipped with 20-60X spotting telescope for seeing distant animals, recording equipment, shotgun microphone and voice library for luring in rare and hard to see animals that respond to their own call bringing them into view, a spotlight for nocturnal viewing, and the appropriate bird, mammal identification books and updated checklist for your enjoyment.


Good accommodations

Our tour uses three different lodges in three different habitats for obvious reason, changing habitats we change the bird life too. Our lodges are as close to the wildlife we want to see as possible, it means we can go birding and come back for breakfast and do not miss any species. All lodges offer rooms with private facilities and air-conditioning. We try to use lodges operated by locals because we firmly believe your money must to go to local hands because are those hands who hold the future of the Pantanal.


Open safari vehicle

When it comes to wildlife viewing, open vehicles are the way to go. When on safari in an open vehicle there is nothing between you and the Pantanal’s wilderness and wildlife. Sounds are more easily heard, smells are easier to pick up, and most importantly it is far easier to take photos and follow animals as they move around. Closed vehicles are not ideal for wildlife viewing. When quoting for a safari with some other company, ask if they will provide a full time open vehicle privately for your safari.


25 years of Experience

Nearly three decades dedicated to show the Pantanal to different travelers from all over the world! We know the Pantanal as we know our backyard

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